Where has the service gone?

5 02 2013

Growing up, I can remember my parents arguing about my mom’s favorite place to eat.  It wasn’t the food that attracted her it was the price.  While my dad didn’t mind the food, he did mind the service, or lack there of.  My mom would argue, if we were going to go out to eat then we needed to go there, and my dad would say that he didn’t care how much we saved it wasn’t worth the aggravation to him.  As we age, we become painfully aware that we are a lot like our parents.  While I did inherit some of my mom’s thrifty traits, I also inherited my dad’s sense of value in service.  That is why I wonder, where has service gone?

Just take a look around and observe.  You don’t hear people talking about the value of service anymore.  Which is sad, because I believe that we may have become a society who has forgotten about service.  Where value is only measured in dollars.  Gone by the way side are manners and appreciation.  And you can just forget about ethics.  Everything is driven by the all mighty dollar.  How much can we save and how much can we get.  Well, I can tell you that service and doing what is right hasn’t been lost by Brady Flanary HVAC.

We will always view ourselves as a service company first that does heating and air conditioning second.  Every decision we make, every employee we hire, and every interaction with our customers is measured by their satisfaction and their comfort in their home.  Not by how much money is made or how much we can save by doing things differently.  Just take a look at the way we operate.

We don’t pay commissions to our employees.  Most heating and air conditioning companies think we are crazy.  They say, if you don’t pay commission then your people are not driven to make money for the company.  To them I say, you haven’t hired the right people.  Doing the right thing and taking care of the customers shouldn’t be driven by money, it should be driven by a person’s inherent trait that values doing the right thing.  Only when you have employees who think this way can you truly say you are a “service” company.  The investment our customers make in their heating and air conditioning systems shouldn’t be driven by how much money our technicians can make, but rather by what the right solution is for the customer.

So, rest assured, that if you are like me, and you know the value of good service, you can find it at Brady Flanary HVAC.  As long as we are in business, you will receive the best service possible.  If our industry ever comes to the point to where the level and quality of service is no longer important, then we would rather shut our doors and go do something else.  It is that important to us.


The True Cost of Service

19 11 2012

Most homeowners only understand one thing when it comes to service, and that is “How Much”.  I get countless phone calls asking how much we charge to provide service.  Well, here is where the problem starts.  Homeowners need to be aware that there are companies who pray on people who call in with that question.  They quote a low service call fee in hopes of luring that customer in.  This is where the true cost of service comes into play.

  1. If, and that is a big if with these companies, the service technician knows what they are doing and they find the problem and repair it, then they bill the customer at a higher rate to make up for the lower service call fee.
  2. However, more often than not, that service technician isn’t experienced or trained will enough to properly assess the problem.  He or she then replaces numerous parts in order to resolve the problem.  The homeowner then pays for un-necessary repairs all because of the incompetence of the service technician.  In addition, the repairs that are done are not done correctly causing the system to run inefficiently.
  3. And finally, you get what I call the “greedy thief”.  Unfortunately just about every service industry has unethical people who take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners and our industry has its fair share.  These companies send out service technicians that are under paid.  It is up to the service technician to “up sell” the homeowner in order to earn more money through commissions.  Here again, unsuspecting homeowners are taken advantage of and sold un-necessary parts and repairs.

The bottom line is that un-necessary repairs and incorrect repairs will cost you much more than the few dollars you think you saved by calling the other guys.  So, do your homework.  Ask for references or check out their rating on Better Business Bureau.

And here is one last quick tip, a business owner who is truly proud of the service they provide puts their name on the company.